Episode 6: Nashville, TN
Featuring The Handsomizer
Music by Louie Bello

Episode 5: Amsterdam
Featuring: Barber & Gentleman's Barbershop
Music by Mighty Mystic

Episode 4: Sorrento, Italy
Featuring Tony Figaro Barbershop
Music by Armando Quattrone

Episode 3: Brooklyn, NY
Featuring Cotter Barber
Music by Eli Paperboy Reed

Episode 2: Warwick, RI
Featuring Urban Fellow Barbershop
Music by The Elovaters

Episode 1: Nashua, NH
Featuring Wilfred's Barbershop
Music by The Elovators

My name is Anthony Berriola, proud owner of Razors Barbershop in Somerville, MA.  My passion for traditional barbering and the art of the straight-razor shave goes far beyond my own barber chair, I love what I do and want to do it everywhere I go.  I found myself getting caught up in the world of social media for countless hours a day checking out barbershops all over the world, wishing I could visit these great places and have an opportunity to work alongside their barbers.  I decided to grab a couple of GoPros and hit the road to connect with the people behind these Instagram posts, chronicle my journey, learn some new tricks, and hopefully teach a few along the way.  

Along with traditional barbering, I hold an equal passion for all types of music. I thought these episodes would be a great outlet to showcase some of my favorite musicians through exclusive performances filmed at my own barbershop or joining them on their tour as their personal barber. I hope you enjoy following along with me on this journey of barbershops and vocal chops.

My name is Anthony and I am here to SHAVE THE WORLD!