Anthony Shaves The World

A Web Series Showcasing Traditional Barbering And True Musicians

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Featuring Barber Amsterdam & Gentleman's Barbershop
Music: "Solid As A Rock" by Mighty Mystic

Mighty Mystic performs an acoustic version of his tune "Solid As A Rock" as the backdrop to an episode featuring one of my favorite barbering cities. Master Barber George Fohr schools me on the lack of barber education in Holland and Isa & Martijn inform me of Dutch barber culture and the rise of the female barber.

Featuring Tony Figaro Barbershop & Tonino Barbershop
Music: "Positivo" by Armando Quattrone

Italian singer Armando Quattrone sings of some positive vibes as I hang out with my friends at Tony Figaro Barbershop, the most popular shop amongst the locals, and then drop in for a head shave from long time barber Tonino in Sorrento's historical center.

Featuring Cotter Barber
Music: "My Way Home" & "Cut Ya Down" by Eli Paperboy Reed

The amazing Eli Paperboy Reed sings his soul out while Cotter Barber in Brooklyn, NY serves up some cuts and coffee in this episode.

EPISODE 2: Warwick RI
Featuring Urban Fellow Barbershop
Music: "Wind On My Back" by The Cornerstone

This episode showcases Urban Fellow Barbershop in Warwick, Rhode Island. Great art, modern barbering, and shoe shines make up the largest shop in the smallest state.

EPISODE 1: Nashua, NH
Featuring Wilfred's Barbershop
Music: "Cool Down" by The Cornerstone

This is my 1st addition to the "Anthony Shaves The World" series. This episode features Wilfred's Barbershop. See why owner Dave Pothier calls this place a "Hero Shop"