The Shave The World Razor

There are not enough high quality barber razors on the market so I decided to create my own. These razors are designed as an homage to some of the cities I have visited in my barber travels.


The Villen

Designed after my barbershop in Somerville, MA, these razors share the same color green as the walls in the shop. This razor was named as a tribute to the locals born and raised in the "old Somerville" that have called themselves Villens since they were young. I added the mustache cutout on the handle as it reminds me of the stache worn by villains in classic cartoons.


The Dutch

Stainless steel razor body and sturdy wood handle, this piece is a touch of class. These razors are an homage to the barbershops in Amsterdam. Like the dutch barbers and their shops, these razors boast clean lines, a sleek/modern look with a touch of the old world.


The Napulitan

Home of my family, Napoli (Naples, Italy) is known for it's beautiful coastal scenery, cobblestone streets, and old-world style mixed with graffiti, boisterous locals, and a charm that is so unique. This razor has an ornate wood handle with beautiful grains and matte black body that exposes it's blade a bit more aggressively than the others. It truly tributes all of the beautiful sides and dark corners this amazing city embraces.


The Florentine

I visited Florence, Italy with 2 of my barbers (Joey and Johnny) to study shaving techniques with the amazing barbers of Blues Barbers. We were welcomed with open arms (and prosciutto and prossecco) and their hospitality was above and beyond. They are truly kings of the shave and the opportunity to learn from them was a great honor. As an homage to these florentine barbers at Blues Barbers, I am happy to name this razor after them and their city, beautiful Firenze.